JA Flight Training is an FAA 141 flight school. The staff has a combined experience of over 100 years teaching pilots from zero time to Airline Transport Pilot.

What does it mean to be a 141 flight school? FAA Approved Part 141 is a flight school accreditation. It was originally created to accommodate veterans utilizing their VA benefits for flight training. It means that the school has presented its organized curriculum and teaching practices to the FAA for approval. FAA approval identifies that the school has agreed to an organized teaching technique, has higher published standards and expectations for instructors and, hence, is rewarded by being able to reduce 5 hours of solo aircraft training from the FAA mandated minimums. It also means that the FAA inspects the school’s facility regularly to ensure compliance. Part 141 schools pay meticulous attention to training each flight lesson. JA Flight Training oversees all instructors and student lessons and requires that the Chief and/or Assistant Chief pilot fly with each student at regular intervals.

JA Flight training uses modern aircraft for flight training. We have the new Cessna SkyCatcher (162) trainer. This is a 2 seat introductory aircraft that is perfect for beginning pilots. It has modern avionics and radios with GPS navigation. This is a great trainer and one students enjoy. We also have the 4 seat Cessna 172 with G‐1000 glass cockpit instrumentation. Cessna 172 is the modern version, fuel injected, 180 horse power
trainer and personal airplane, and is one of the most successful airplanes in history. Students have been training in 172’s since 1955 and just love these airplanes.

J.A. Flight Training also has more complex airplanes for instruction for higher pilot ratings.

What is required to get a pilot certificate? First of all, it is not as difficult as one might think. There is an instructional hour requirement, medical test requirement, an FAA written test, and a practical test at the end of the training. The average flight time to obtain a pilot license in the USA is 70 hours. J.A. Flight Training student’s average flight time is around 45‐55 hours. Minimum age to solo an aircraft is 16. Minimum age to receive a pilot certificate is 17. The first certificate is the Solo. This is when the student is allowed to fly by himself/herself. This achievement happens after the 16th birthday and averages after about 20 hours of instruction. The next achievement is to fly solo over longer distances (greater than 50 miles from home base). The ground school prepares the student for the formal FAA written exam. The last stage is preparation for final testing by the FAA for knowledge and flight skills. This can occur after the 17th birthday.
After passing the FAA Flight test, the student receives a Private Pilot Certificate. Now it’s time to take mom and dad for a flight! One of the great things that happens when a student obtains a pilot’s license is that he/she becomes a “Pilot in Command”. We do not treat this lightly. This is maturing process is required for the privilege of commanding an airplane in flight. You will find that your child matures significantly by the time they finish our program.